Preparation breeds success. We are committed to you in providing peace of mind in knowing we are taking all the necessary steps to make your day as stress-free as possible. In order for us to do so, planning is critical and the following information about your wedding will help us plan and prepare to be as effective as possible on your wedding day. Please answer all the questions in this Wedding Questionnaire. In the event that you may not have the exact answer yet, then answer it to the best of your ability. We will confirm a couple of weeks before your wedding, so any missing information or changes can be updated then.

    Bride's Full Name

    Groom's Full Name

    Bride's Email

    Groom's Email

    Bride's Contact Number

    Groom's Contact Number

    When is your Wedding Date?

    Do you have a wedding site? We'd love to see it.


    1. (a) Where will the bride have her final preparation taking place (last makeup & hair finishing touches and getting in the dress) on the wedding day? (b) What time do you expect bridal prep to begin? (c) How long did your makeup and hair artists say it will take to finish all wedding prep?

    2. Does your wedding dress have a zip-up back or is it a lace-up corset/multiple buttons?

    3. (a) Where will the groom be getting ready? (b) What time will he be at the ceremony location?

    4. Approx how long is the drive from the Getting Ready location(s) to the ceremony venue/location?


    5. Where is your Wedding Ceremony taking place? (venue name & address, contact name & email).

    6. Do you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony?

    7. If you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony, would you like all family photos completed before the ceremony as well? There are three options for this: 1) Yes, I will have all of our Family ready for photos before the Ceremony begins. 2) No, please take all of the Family photos immediately after the Ceremony. 3) Can we do immediate Family Pictures beforehand and then Family pictures with Grandparents after the Ceremony? Let me know what you prefer.


    8. Pre-ceremony: do you have a preference if the guys get their photos taken before the girls or vice versa?

    9. Tell us about any restrictions or guidelines at your ceremony location that we should be aware of (make sure to include if there are anytime restrictions as to how early or how late we are permitted to be in that location or if there are any areas we aren't allowed in)

    10. Is there a time set for the Ceremony yet?

    11. Approximately how long will the Ceremony last?

    12. Approx how long is the drive from the Ceremony location to the Reception venue/location?


    13. Where will you be having the bridal party session at? (i.g. at ceremony location, at reception venue, or elsewhere)

    14. Is there a set time at this point when you need/want to be at the Reception venue?

    15. Which family group photos would you like taken?

    16. Are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc), that we should know about that we need to be sensitive to?

    17. Names and Relationships of Bride's Immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) that will be in attendance

    18. Names and Relationships of Groom's Immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) that will be in attendance

    19. Are there any special traditions or special things that we should know about that will be happening on your wedding day?


    20. Where will your reception take place? (name & address, contact name & email)

    21. Will you be doing a father/daughter and mother/son dance?

    22. Will you be doing toasts during the reception?

    23. Will you be doing the bouquet and garter toss?

    24. Do you have a special formal exit planned? (i.e. after ceremony or at the end of the reception)

    25. If you answered yes to the above question, when will that be?

    26. If you are having a formal exit, how will your guests be sending you off for your formal exit? (Suggestion: If your exit takes place after dark it's recommended that sparklers play at least some role in the exit to act as a light source. Can be combined with other things too)

    27. What time does the reception end?


    28. Please list out an additional contact person name and number to get in touch with on the wedding day, if you are away from your cell (i.e. bridesmaid, groomsmen, or wedding planner)

    29. Approximately how many wedding guests are you expecting?

    30. If applicable, who is your videographer? (Contact Name, email & website)

    31. Who is your florist? (Contact Name, email & website)

    32. Who is making/designing your cake? (Contact Name, email & website)

    33. Who is your Band/DJ? (Contact Name, email & website)

    34. If applicable, Who is your Makeup Artist? (Contact Name, email & website)

    35. If applicable, Who is your Wedding Planner? (Contact Name, email & website)

    36. If applicable, Who is your wedding hairstylist? (Contact Name, email & website)

    37. Where did you get your wedding dress from and is it made by a particular designer?

    38. Which store(s) did the bridesmaids dresses come from?

    39. Which store did the men's tuxes come from?

    40. How big will your wedding party be? (How many bridesmaids, how many groomsmen, flowergirls, ring bearers, etc)

    41. Do you know at this point when you depart for your Honeymoon and when you return?

    42. What will be your address once you are married?

    43. Is there anything else you would like to communicate with us? Other than that your fingers hurt from typing so much, lol.

    44. Is there anything you need to send us? (file, document, photo(s)

    Please double check all your answers before clicking the "Send" button.