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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions regarding sessions and scenarios dealing with sessions with Lara Photography Studio.

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Yes, we because we are a growing studio and have multiple photographers available in several key states on the East Coast we are happy to travel nationwide and overseas for destination weddings. Our current major areas of work are in New York and North Carolina.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”2) Does your studio consist of more than one photographer?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Yes, Lara Photography Studio has indeed grown. Over the past 18 months we have added photographers, a make-up artist, and a cinematography crew to our creative team, each very talented. We’ve had the opportunity to work now together on a many projects and so we feel we have a cohesive team that our clients will certainly benefit from. Although we do have several photographers in our studio, all photo editing is done by one person so that all images have the same collective feel and look. Therefore the final images delivered regardless of the photographer have the same high quality feel and you get the same overall experience that our clients have accustomed to seeing and feeling from us.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”3) Why do you only have a starting price and do not list full wedding package pricing?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

We only list starting price because all though we have general package options, we find that each package is customized to the needs of the couple. We often end up photographing couples that initially thought they could never afford our services. By allowing customizations to packages, we can almost always provide a package to meet the needs of our couples.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”4) How do I book a session?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Once a date is agreed upon with the Studio, an online invoice is emailed to you for the retainer portion of the session. Once invoice is paid, you will receive an email confirming you have successfully booked Lara Photography Studio for your session. Note: Bookings retainers are non-refundable and are done on a first-come-first serve basis, so completing the full booking process is vital to securing your date & session.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”5) What happens in the event that there is inclement weather the day of my wedding or portrait session?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Weather can be unpredictable at times. We generally check weather forecast the night before and prepare for it. For weddings we embrace the challenge of the weather and have prepare in advance to capture and create stunning images. Don’t worry you’ll be in good hands. For portrait sessions, we have some flexiblilty and we will communicate prior to the session. If weather does not permit our session to be fulfilled. We will be happy to reschedule your session once at no additional cost. However, if the studio has determined the weather won’t affect our work and client wishes to reschedule their session, we will happily reschedule the session an additional fee.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”6) After my session, when should I expect my photos for viewing?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

PORTRAIT SESSIONS: You should expect to receive your photos within the following week from your session. WEDDINGS: You should expect to receive your photos within 21-28 days from your wedding date. Note: Holidays can often add an additional couple of days to your schedule. Once ready you will be emailed a link to your gallery of images. You and your family may view, share and order your prints right from your gallery or directly through us for 12 weeks. After those 12 weeks, the gallery will be closed. If you need to access the gallery beyond the 8 weeks you may do so at a cost of $20 for an additional 3 calendar months.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”7) Can you explain a bit more about your portrait sessions?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Portrait sessions typically last about 1-2 hours depending how many locations the session calls for. A session fee includes the photographer’s time, travel, creativity, preparation and posting of an online gallery with your session proofs, and the final retouching and enhancement of the images selected.  The session fee can be paid in two installments, 50 percent due the day of booking with the remainder due 3 days prior to the day of the session.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”8) What happens after my portrait session?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Your photos are reviewed to select the best ones, i.e., your proofs. Though your photos are taken digitally, all images must receive post-processing to fine-tune and be given the Lara Photography Studio aesthetic. Once the proofs are complete, you are emailed a link to an online gallery where you can review the images.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”9) After reviewing my portrait session images online, what happens next?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

The fun part begins. Your gallery will allow you to share your gallery & individual photos on social media sites. You and your family can order prints, canvases, etc directly from the gallery. You also have the ability to download digital copies of the entire gallery for your safe keeping. If your session includes a Print Credit, then you can select the image(s) that you would like to order directly from the gallery and apply the promo code give to apply the print credit to the order. You may order above the amount of the print credit, you can then just enter your payment information and only be charged the difference beyond the print credit.

[/bw_faq_item][bw_faq_item title=”10) Once I have my images, is it necessary to print through Lara Photography Studio?” style=”square” color=”#dd3333″]

Absolutely not! Clients are provided the high resolution images with a print release so they can be printed anywhere. So why order through us? We use professional industry printing companies that provides prints of higher quality and durability than can be obtained from local sources like Walmart, Costco, CVS, etc. In addition, any print 11×14 or larger should always be backed with a rigid material such as styrene to keep them from warping when framed.