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Are you getting married in NY and need NY Wedding Photography? If so, who should I choose to be my NY wedding photographer? This is one of the most important questions a couple can make on their special day. Hopefully the following information will help provide some clarity on what you should be considering when choosing your NY wedding photographer or any regional wedding photographer for that matter.


In NY wedding photography, it is so important part of the wedding process. Much like everything that is being selected on this special day, you want everything to compliment and more so enhance the beauty of the day. It’s important to hire a NY wedding photographer that is going to want to understand the details about your day. Weddings are filled with time sensitive items and so having someone there that cares enough to keep you on schedule and be a problem solver that day is an added value to you.

NY wedding photography goes beyond just showing up on your wedding day. It starts way beyond the wedding day. In most cases, they couples are working a year in advance with them with engagement sessions as well as after the wedding day with album and prints. Choosing a NY wedding photographer that truly wants to be with you through the process can truly make the difference in making it an pleasant experience you will forever remember.


Cost is always a deciding reason when it applies to NY wedding photography. However, like in many areas in life it’s not the only factor. At the end of it all, you have to determine how important it is to have a piece of mind that you are going to have your special day covered. Remember your wedding photography is the all you will have to remember your wedding day.


In a digital age, the wedding album is probably the most overlooked piece of memory of your wedding day. It is great to be able to share your wedding photos via a phone or tablet, but nothing can truly replace the touch and feel of a well crafted album.The screens of our technical devices can never compete with the feel of an actual print of artwork on the pages of an album. Asa well know wedding photographer put it, a wedding album is truly the first family heirloom and your one keepsake you will have forever to remember your NY Wedding.

A wedding album should be something your NY wedding photography studio should be providing to you. And because there are a plethora of options with it comes to creating an album. Don’t forget to ask your NY wedding photographer questions as to the specifics of what the album you will be getting contain, including the number of pages, photos, the quality of the pages the photos are printed on, and the choices of the cover of the album are. You should never be surprised in the end of what you are receiving.

After all you will hold this piece of memory for the rest of your life.


What all couples should expect is to have a clear understanding of their options when deciding which packages they are choosing from their NY wedding photographer. Never be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you know how many hours are included (generally it should be about 8-10 hours), what deliverables you will be receiving and when you should expect to receive them.

Now all NY wedding photography packages are created equal. Since each couple’s need could be quite different. So don’t forget those extra add on’s. Sometimes adding in those extra items can make a package the perfect one for you.

Lara Photography is a NY wedding photographer studio based in Brooklyn, NY offering NY wedding photography in the NY and surrounding area, yet not limited to national and worldwide destinations.

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