Photographers have visual literacy.
They “see” it.”
-Thom Rouse


Lara Photography Studio‘s foundation lies in the biggest city of the world, New York City along with new roots in the Raleigh, NC area. A good camera just isn’t enough to stand out in this city. Passion for the art, and solid techniques and knowledge of post-processing are all keys to how Lara Photography Studio stands apart from many with a nice camera in this town. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, is the relationships we create from all our clients. They move far beyond a one day event. Our desire is not for them to be a one-day, one-event client, but hopefully that we may have the pleasure and blessing of seeing them throughout the journey of live beyond an engagement and wedding, into pregnancy and birth, to first graduations, to sweet 16’s, to proms and beyond. 

Our studio specializes in local & destination weddings & portraiture, our style is fresh, filled with enjoyable moments, and unobtrusive throughout events. Our target clients are individual and couples that understand that many can take a snapshot, but only few can truly capture a moment in time. With the passion and experience Lara Photography Studio has, that’s exactly what you’ll get…moments captured that you’ll be able to relive over and over. 

We offer wedding packages with an assortment of options that can be customized to your desires and needs. Feel free to ask us any questions. In person meeting and Q&A sessions are always recommend. We want to be more than just an email in your inbox. So try us out! We’d love to be part of your journey.



I found my love for photography by accident really, it was working on a friend’s debut album design that changed my course. There was need of photos for the cover art and so I took on the challenge of providing them not really knowing what I was doing. From there a spark ignited a desire to learn and get better. 5 years later, after learning, testing, doing small events and personal projects, and learning some more, the time was right.

A great photographer is more than just the expensive gear he can buy. It’s about the vision that is seen through the photographers eyes. This is what’s important to me. Yes gear makes everything easier, but if there is no vision, you can easily just have a very expensive snap shot. My passion for creating artwork for my clients is what allows me to consistently produce amazing photographs that will want to be seen over and over by my clients.